Ease Your Mind To BEWARE’s Instrumental LP ‘Loosen Up’

16 Nov

BEWARE Loosen Up Cover

Anyone who really knows me, knows I get easily wound up. Some say I’m passionate, others say I’m a hothead. Either way, I’m aware of my temper and do everything in my power to not fly off the handle over dumb shit. That’s why I made my second instrumental album, Loosen Up.

Following in the laid back, sample-based roots of my first instrumental project Learning Together, this new eight track release offers soundscapes meant to help both myself and the listener calm down and drown out the noise. It’s a quick, easygoing ride and ideal for anyone looking for mental relaxation. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of us, these days.

Skip the Excedrin and Loosen Up below.

BEWARE Loosen Up Back Cover