Chavis Chandler – “Arnie Kander” (Produced By BEW4RE)

4 May


When it comes to Detroit rappers, Chavis Chandler is one of the most talented I’ve ever come across. Since meeting in early 2016, the Chopmaster has come through 4th St Beats studios on a regular basis, constantly knocking out timeless tracks, teasing demos and jaw-dropping freestyles that never cease to amaze me. He’s unreal. Anyways, “Arnie Kander” is one of the many gems we’ve recorded, but the first released.

The loosie offers high-class chopper style, atop head-knocking Hip-Hop soul, with a concept dedicated to the best trainer in Detroit Pistons history. As a Pistons slappy, that’s clutch. The better news is the rest of songs on deck are doper than this one. Look for Chav’s One Winged Angel album to drop soon.