ALLiTiZ Feat. Chavis Chandler – “iNFLUENCE” Video

13 Apr

allitiz influence video

Always a great feeling to see your vision come to life. Well, until your vision kills you, everyone else, then takes over the planet. Watch the clever video for ALLiTiZ’s hell-raising single “iNFLUENCE” and see the 4th Street spitter’s vision of an artificial intelligence uprising come to life via various clips that compile the sinister creation concept.

Video directed by TruthSeekah.

ALLiTiZ – i Wonder EP

6 Apr

ALLiTiZ i - Wonder copy 2

Are those goosebumps, or are you just listening to ALLiTiZ’ new i Wonder EP? The second of two releases from Mr. I to the Z, this four piece is an audible data-breach into topics most people are too distracted to consider, offering innovative concept songs about everything from aliens living among us (“We’re Not Alone”) to artificial intelligence (“iNFLUENCE” with Chavis Chandler). Next level game.

All songs produced by BEWARE and mixed/mastered by White Mike for Fire4Hire.


31 Mar

ALLiTiZ Magic Artwork

Need to sprinkle a little pixie dust on your day? Listen to the ‘MAGiC EP’ from ALLiTiZ. The first of two back to back releases from the 4th Street OG, this quick-hitting four track offers a variety of sounds, ranging from intense personal inspiration (“More”) to playful songs for the kids (“MAGiC”). Something for everyone.

All songs produced by BEWARE and mixed/mastered by White Mike for Fire4Hire.

ALLiTiZ Feat. Chavis Chandler – “Influence” (Prod. By BEWARE)

23 Mar


Can’t keep up with all the new technology? That’s intentional. On the “iNFLUENCE (Remix),” ALLiTiZ warns of rapidly advancing tech taking over and how our willingness to build our replacements will eventually catch up with us. Chavis Chandler is causing his own “Influence” right now, going up like drones and plugging into the game like a D-Wave supercomputer.

Listen to “Influence” below.

ALLiTiZ Feat. Truthseekah – “We’re Not Alone” (Prod. By BEWARE)

23 Mar

Were Not Alone (remix)

There’s a good chance you won’t know what the hell ALLiTiZ is talking about on “We’re Not Alone.” But, that’s his point. Atop warped production from yours truly, the unfiltered Motor City rapper and his fellow researcher Truthseekah deliver high energy raps about documented conspiracies and alien races walking among us. If you don’t believe him, listen closely and Izzy will tell you exactly where he’s getting his information — so you can find proof for yourself. Fox Mulder would be proud.

iWonder drops this March.

ALLiTiZ – “Better Left Alone”

25 Jul

Better Left Alone allitiz

“Don’t wanna make you feel unsafe, just wanna’ be on the same page”

For the first time in three years, ALLiTiZ releases a new single, titled “Better Left Alone.” The self-produced and spine-tingling cut hits on those topics everyone knows about, but no one wants to talk about. Conspiracy theorists unite!

‘Forever Fictional’ drops this Fall.

ALLiTiZ – ‘Rollercoasters, Escalators & Elevators’ Mixtape

20 Jul


The follow-up mixtape to Just Be Yourself, featuring leftovers from the album, original songs and remixes (Fred Faulke & Starslinger). Released in 2011. Featuring Chris Mason, Nep Jennings, Trip, J Love, Flamin Laces & DJ Smith. Produced by BEWARE, TJ Mack, Flamin Laces & Savidge.

ALLiTiZ – ‘Crease In My Fitted’ Mixtape

16 Jul

drease in my fitted cover

The first completely original project from ALLiTiZ. Released in 2008. Featuring Big Gov, M8D, Black Mic, Mastur Soup, DCK, Bianca, Chris Mason, KT Mack, West Knyle & Kate Luke. Produced by TJ Mack & BEWARE.