Chavis Chandler – “Arnie Kander” (Produced By BEW4RE)

4 May


When it comes to Detroit rappers, Chavis Chandler is one of the most talented I’ve ever come across. Since meeting in early 2016, the Chopmaster has come through 4th St Beats studios on a regular basis, constantly knocking out timeless tracks, teasing demos and jaw-dropping freestyles that never cease to amaze me. He’s unreal. Anyways, “Arnie Kander” is one of the many gems we’ve recorded, but the first released.

The loosie offers high-class chopper style, atop head-knocking Hip-Hop soul, with a concept dedicated to the best trainer in Detroit Pistons history. As a Pistons slappy, that’s clutch. The better news is the rest of songs on deck are doper than this one. Look for Chav’s One Winged Angel album to drop soon.

James Linck – “The Artist” (Co-Produced By BEW4RE)

4 May

james linck  the artist

Every few months or so, the 4th St Beats crew take our equipment up north MI, setting up shop in a small house directly on the Lake Huron and cranking out music for three days straight – with no restraints and limited cell access. During one of our trips in early 2016, we made a beat called “The Effects Of Dangerous.” By the time we came home and sat with the bubbly beat for a few weeks, I thought it would be ideal for a local artist I really dig – Detroit-based singer/producer James Linck. Upon sending his way, he dug the track immediately, then took the stems and ran.

The final product is “The Artist,” an upgraded, delectable indie pop jam that caters our production around his easygoing charm and delivers an anthem for fellow starving artists.

Ease Your Mind To BEWARE’s Instrumental LP ‘Loosen Up’

16 Nov

BEWARE Loosen Up Cover

Anyone who really knows me, knows I get easily wound up. Some say I’m passionate, others say I’m a hothead. Either way, I’m aware of my temper and do everything in my power to not fly off the handle over dumb shit. That’s why I made my second instrumental album, Loosen Up.

Following in the laid back, sample-based roots of my first instrumental project Learning Together, this new eight track release offers soundscapes meant to help both myself and the listener calm down and drown out the noise. It’s a quick, easygoing ride and ideal for anyone looking for mental relaxation. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of us, these days.

Skip the Excedrin and Loosen Up below.

BEWARE Loosen Up Back Cover

ALLiTiZ – “Better Left Alone”

25 Jul

Better Left Alone allitiz

“Don’t wanna make you feel unsafe, just wanna’ be on the same page”

For the first time in three years, ALLiTiZ releases a new single, titled “Better Left Alone.” The self-produced and spine-tingling cut hits on those topics everyone knows about, but no one wants to talk about. Conspiracy theorists unite!

‘Forever Fictional’ drops this Fall.

ALLiTiZ – ‘Rollercoasters, Escalators & Elevators’ Mixtape

20 Jul


The follow-up mixtape to Just Be Yourself, featuring leftovers from the album, original songs and remixes (Fred Faulke & Starslinger). Released in 2011. Featuring Chris Mason, Nep Jennings, Trip, J Love, Flamin Laces & DJ Smith. Produced by BEWARE, TJ Mack, Flamin Laces & Savidge.