BEWARE – ‘Positive Influence’ Album Stream

15 Mar

Need a pick me up? Stream BEWARE’s new instrumental album – Positive Influence. This is the third instrumental album from the Royal Oak producer and his best one to yet. Nine songs, offering a nice balance of cool R&B and mellow Hip-Hop production, enhanced by a concept that carries throughout the smooth sailing listen.

Click here to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and more.

ALLiTiZ Feat. Chavis Chandler – “Influence” (Prod. By BEWARE)

23 Mar


Can’t keep up with all the new technology? That’s intentional. On the “iNFLUENCE (Remix),” ALLiTiZ warns of rapidly advancing tech taking over and how our willingness to build our replacements will eventually catch up with us. Chavis Chandler is causing his own “Influence” right now, going up like drones and plugging into the game like a D-Wave supercomputer.

Listen to “Influence” below.

New Video: Seven The General “Woodward Ave” (Prod. By BEWARE)

17 Sep

seven the general woodward ave beware 2

Only fitting the most visual song off Woodward Ave was the first one to receive the video treatment. Shout out to Seven The General and director JewDoesIt for helping make this possible. Making the video was a blast and the final product couldn’t have come out any better.

Take a trip down Woodward Ave and watch below. Oh and don’t forget to stream and purchase the album here.

Woodward Ave Hard Copies – Now Available!

14 Sep


Do you like Detroit rap music? Does your car still have a CD player? Do you support your artists by purchasing their CDs? You’re in the right place, player.

Cop hard copies of my new album Woodward Ave over at our new ecommerce site for a mere $8.00. Ten tracks from some of the Motor City’s top artists, for less than a dollar per pop? Steal.

Buy Woodward Ave hard copies here.

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BEWARE Presents ‘Woodward Ave’

6 Sep

Woodward Ave BEWARE Cover without white

Finally. Woodward Ave. Two years in the making. Our production. All Detroit artists. Ten tracks. New music from Royce Da 5’9″, Chavis Chandler, Payroll Giovanni, ELZhi, Drey Skonie, Seven The General, Nick Speed, Nolan The Ninja, Adam Reverie, Red Pill, Oba Rowland, Jibreel Price, Cool African, Melanie Rutherford and more. Came out really damn good. Read the StillCrew premiere and backstory about the album. Stream on Spotify. Buy or stream on iTunes.

Red Pill – “My Day” (Prod. By BEWARE)

30 Aug

Red PIll my day beware

In the middle stages of putting together Woodward Ave, I made a beat called “Bandolions” I thought Red Pill would sound perfect on. However, the sample-based track is a bit more upbeat than a lot of his material, so I came up with a concept I thought would bring the best out of him and the beat. The concept was Pill – who is typically a downtrodden rapper – waking up and having the best luck possible, all day. Having covered him from my Smoking Section days, I hit him up, pitched him the concept and beat, and bam….the rest is history.

“My Day” is just an easygoing, head nodding story song that’s hard not to dig. One of my favorites off Woodward Ave. Shoutout Nick Speed for scratching on the hook.

Payroll Giovanni, Royce Da 5’9″ & Chavis Chandler – “Triumphant” (Prod. By BEWARE)

30 Aug

Royce Da 59 Payroll Giovanni Chavis Chandler Triumphant BEWARE

When we started making Woodward Ave, about a year and a half ago, I never would have imagined being able to orchestrate a record like “Triumphant.” Getting features from a 1st Ballot Detroit Hip-Hop Hall Of Famer like Royce Da 5’9″, the illest street rapper in the city in Payroll Giovanni, and a game-changing vocal talent like Chavis Chandler – there’s no way. Well, I was wrong. Did that. Everyone was gracious and receptive of our concept. Relationships were made that will stand a lifetime. Powerful tunes were manifested. Shit, we premiered the song on Fake Shore Drive, a site I’ve read for a decade and the staple of Midwest rap online.

“Triumphant” is an understatement.

Chavis Chandler – “Arnie Kander” (Produced By BEW4RE)

4 May


When it comes to Detroit rappers, Chavis Chandler is one of the most talented I’ve ever come across. Since meeting in early 2016, the Chopmaster has come through 4th St Beats studios on a regular basis, constantly knocking out timeless tracks, teasing demos and jaw-dropping freestyles that never cease to amaze me. He’s unreal. Anyways, “Arnie Kander” is one of the many gems we’ve recorded, but the first released.

The loosie offers high-class chopper style, atop head-knocking Hip-Hop soul, with a concept dedicated to the best trainer in Detroit Pistons history. As a Pistons slappy, that’s clutch. The better news is the rest of songs on deck are doper than this one. Look for Chav’s One Winged Angel album to drop soon.

James Linck – “The Artist” (Co-Produced By BEW4RE)

4 May

james linck  the artist

Every few months or so, the 4th St Beats crew take our equipment up north MI, setting up shop in a small house directly on the Lake Huron and cranking out music for three days straight – with no restraints and limited cell access. During one of our trips in early 2016, we made a beat called “The Effects Of Dangerous.” By the time we came home and sat with the bubbly beat for a few weeks, I thought it would be ideal for a local artist I really dig – Detroit-based singer/producer James Linck. Upon sending his way, he dug the track immediately, then took the stems and ran.

The final product is “The Artist,” an upgraded, delectable indie pop jam that caters our production around his easygoing charm and delivers an anthem for fellow starving artists.